Environmental Education Kiosk at Mission Bay by Judy West
San Francisco Blue Greenway and San Francisco Bay Trail

The Madrina Group focuses on environmental educational projects such as the Kiosk panel exhibit produced Judy West seen above in Mission Bay.

The poster series illustrates San Francico natural history and the changing local environment. The exhibit is located at the city's only pubic boat launch, south of the ATT Ball Park along San Francisco’s Blue Greenway. (map)

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The Madrina Group is a charitable 501(c)3 organization, working to make San Francisco's historic, industrial neighborhoods more healthy and livable through environmental education and urban planning initiatives.

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Waterfront Kiosk
Panel 1 - The Bay Trail
Panel 2 - Mission Creek Corridor
Panel 3 - Historic Shorelines of SF
Panel 4 - Blue Greenway
Panel 5 - Mission Bay
Panel 6 - Pier 52
Panel 7 - SF Estuary
Panel 8 - SF Watershed

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