Madrina Group is a charitable 501(c)3 organization, working to make San Francisco's historic, industrial neighborhoods more healthy and livable through environmental education and urban planning initiatives. List of our associates and others who assisted us with our accomplishments. For information on how you can become a sponsor, donate, or get involved in our projects, please Contact Madrina Group.

Judy West and Willie BrownJudy West and Lillian

Judy West, Director of Madrina Group, with former Mayor Willie Brown at dedication ceremony for the Mission Creek mosaic (left),
and with the artists, Lillian Sizemore and Laural True, who created it (right).

Judy West, Director of Madrina Group, and Editor of CrossRoads, is a geologist and environmental scientist with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Geology. She is a fourth generation Bay Area native. Her parents were both pilots, giving Judy an enhanced perspective on the processes of nature, which she later turned into a career in geology and environmental education.

Madrina Group is an environmental education non-profit co-founded in 1991. Originally organized to assist in the recycling and transformation of industrial buildings into live/work units for artists, the official mission of the organization is to combat community deterioration in the industrial neighborhoods of San Francisco. We try to incorporate art into our environmental education projects.

Our 2008 exhibit on the Mission Bay waterfront, illustrates the changing landscape of San Francisco’s Eastern Neighborhoods, which were once part of an extensive estuary including marshes and tidal wetlands where fresh water creeks interact with the salt-water bay.

We spearheaded the Mission Creek Bikeway project as a “rails to trails” project along the historic Mission Creek corridor and have produced a number of public murals depicting the natural environment that once existed on the east side of San Francisco. We have also helped create new gardens and public open spaces in order to help the industrial neighborhoods transition into healthier communities.

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