Mission Creek Mural

The Mission Creek corridor follows the trace of an artisian spring-fed creek, which drains from Twin Peaks to the San Francisco Bay. The water now flows in the underground sewer system, but was once the fresh water supply for the original Mission Dolores settlement.

Madrina Group was instrumental in getting this bicylce/pedestrian path installed near King and 7th Street.

The first railroad in San Francisco was completed in 1869 along the southeast shore of the little creek, which was navigable during high tide until it was covered over in the late 1800s. The 50 foot wide railroad right-of-way preserved the natural route of the creek until 1991 when the last rail service was terminated and the land was sold. Division Street was created over the actual trace of the water drainage, which still flows in a huge culvert beneath the pavement

Mission Creek Bikeway - a rails-to-trails transportation initiative, which aims to utilize the historic rail corridor, built along a once navigable waterway, into a safe and landscaped greenway for the changing neighborhood. see www.missioncreek.org

Avenida del Rio - and ongoing program combining the public art and environmental education initiatives along the historic Mission Creek Corridor.

Mission Creek Mosaic Mural - The mural depicts the bridge that was located at the site of the 1860s bridge over Mission Creek at 16th and Harrison Streets this mosaic tile mural is one of a series of environmental educational markers along the historic Mission Creek right-of-way, produced by the Madrina Group. Mosaic design and fabrication by Lillian Sizemore and Laural True. The mural was funded by the Potrero Nuevo Fund, administered by New Langton Arts.

The Mission Bay Waterfront Kiosks Project is a series of posters that examines the geographic history and development of the San Francisco waterways and transit systems. This is a collaborative effort of a number of organizations working on similar goals.

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