The development should be completed in Spring 2008. For more information, please call Scott Falcone at Citizens Housing Corporation 421-8605 x.21.

Citizen’s Housing Corporation will break ground this summer on the site of the huge vacant lot where Mission Market has been at 18th & Alabama. See the Rendering of the 19th Street façade. (read the article)

This dynamic, mixed-use development contains 151 units of housing, 138 parking spaces and 12,000 feet of light industrial commercial space linked to economic development programs. Car-Share programs and bicycle parking will hopefully curb the increased auto congestion that will replace the “camper-community” we have lived with for years.

 An unusual mix for a government funded project, the new development will be anchored by the construction of 93 rental Apartments for large families (mostly 2-3 bdrms), and 24 rental Studios for low-income and homeless seniors; each component has their private common areas and space allocated for support services.

 The full city block accommodates another 34 condos for moderate-income first-time homeowners (with limited equity appreciation) and the most unusual aspect is the 12,000 square feet of commercial space, included as part of City Planning’s new PDR zoning initiative. The ownership units were included at the request of local residents who wanted some of the new neighbors to be “invested” in the area, so they will take greater responsibility for the upkeep of the streets.

With City funding, it is subject to a new policy to require some of the units to go to chronic homeless families. Mathew Franklin, the director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing assured us at a recent meeting that we will not be able to tell them apart from the rest of the rental tenants in the project. Was that comforting to hear?

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